Traders of Knowledge

July 6, 2016

What keeps us from moving forward in our careers? What’s locking us down? Fear. It holds us back, pushes us down, and tells us we’re imposters. To combat this, we need to be like intrepid explorers; we have to approach our career ready to learn, adapt, and chart the course for others to follow. We have to become traders of knowledge.

Buddy Reno is a developer at Ramsey Solutions, specializing in all things front-end. He loves to tinker with automation and workflows, finding ways to be more efficient. In his spare time, Buddy likes to watch action and comedy movies, play video and board games, and set up blogs that he’ll never use.

You can find Buddy at or on twitter @BuddyLReno 

Buddy Reno
Front-End Developer at Ramsey Solutions